Clothing Swap: November 2015


  • “I found a really cool work jacket for a job interview.  That’s the thing I came here looking for!” –Sydney 
  •  “I found a nice dress for my niece, and I may have found another one while talking to you.  I shop for my niece.  That’s what I do.”
  • “I got waffle-weave men’s shirts.  Better yet is the fact that I took less than I put down.” –Jay 
  • “I got a two-piece suit for my husband, and I hope it fits!” –Lisa 
  • “The clothing swap was wonderful!  I scored some awesome finds and loved getting to see other people pick up and take the things I had brought as well.” –Christy 
  •  “I got some clothing for my toddler, like this little Old Navy sweater.  She is 13 months old, and she can wear it now.  But I also got stuff for when she’s two!” –Maria 
  •  “I love this black and pink zig-zagged dressy dress!” –Eden 
  • “I got a cute tunic top.”
  • “I brought a great sweater that hasn’t really worked in my wardrobe, and I’m thrilled that someone else will have it and love it.” –Ellen 
  • “I found good clothes for my son.  He’s an adult but very, very slim.  It’s hard to find clothes for him, but today I got him sweaters and tops.” –Maya
  • “I was glad to contribute some clothes, and I was hoping to leave with nothing.  But this one skirt kept calling my name.” –Laura
  • “An awesome pair of mittens.”  
  • “This swap is fabulous.  As my daughter gets older, we can ‘recycle’ her clothes and get more.  Also, I was happy to find some maternity clothing since I’m having another baby.” –Katie  
  • “I am trying to do some projects with wool sweaters, so I took some with nice patterns and others for felting.” –Lisa
  • “I got clothes for my three girls who came today and for my three boys who stayed home.” –Beatrice
  • “Shoes!!!” –Beatrice’s daughter

The SSTB was pleased to donate any remaining clothes to Shepherd's Table and A Wider Circle.