2015 Exchange Stories


“Zoe is new to the area and had requested a hiking partner. I picked her up just before noon, and we drove to Great Falls on the Maryland side. This glorious, sunny but crisp early fall day was perfect for hiking, and the huge parking lot was almost full! We walked along the C&O canal and saw the mules getting ready for the barge demonstration. The borrow-a-bike volunteers were offering bikes for anyone who wanted to go for a ride. We walked past them, past the barge, and past the entrance to the walkway to Great Falls. We got on the Billy Goat trail. It was very busy, with large groups, small groups, children, young people, and the not so young. We thoroughly enjoyed the hike. We stopped and admired the kayakers on the river, the sun, the clouds, and the trees which were starting to display fall color. On our way back, we admired the falling waters at Great Falls. This was Zoe's first time there. As I drove her home, we agreed that we will do this again!”  

Ibolya I. 10/17/15

"I asked timebank member Laura K. to make her sunflower-shaped spinach/kale/ricotta pie for the party celebrating the 22nd anniversary of my book club. The pie was a big hit–everyone thought it looked so pretty. And it tasted good too! I *HEART* Timebank!!" 

Tina S. 10/29/15

“Bike Tune-ups – Woo Hoo! I've started biking for local transportation and found that a timebank member offered bike tune-ups. As it happens, Dana lives only a few blocks away from me in Silver Spring. He bike-commutes to downtown D.C. and loves to work on bikes. I spent time with my bike at his workshop, and it was so much fun! First, my bike was never so well-tuned. Second, he showed me how to patch a tire, which I'd never done on the fly but am now much better prepared to do when necessary. Third, he gave great advice about things to ask the bike shop to do–like truing a tire. And best, saved for last, Dana is a delightful fellow whom I would not have met but for the Silver Spring Timebank. I'm happy to promote him through the Timebank, and it’s great to see that his fame is spreading!”  

Jonathan B. 7/11/15

“I had a dress I wanted shortened. It has a lining, and that made it too big a job to do myself. Alteration by a tailor was too expensive. I checked the services offered through the Silver Spring Timebank and found Mary C. She really knows how to sew. It took her just an hour and half. I had already earned the hours I needed. It feels good to give something and get something back. The circle is complete. I may wear the dress to the next timebank potluck!”   

Julia R. 6/25/15

“My husband and I were invited to a party but couldn’t leave our new puppy Kea home alone. I asked timebank member Tina if she could dog-sit. I had gotten to know Tina a little bit through some timebank activities, and that helped me feel comfortable entrusting my dog to her. First, we arranged a meet-and-greet to introduce Kea to Tina’s dog Hachiko. On the night of the party, Kea was happy to go back to Tina’s house and had a fantastic time with the whole Slater family. We knew she was in good hands, so we could not only attend–but also enjoy–the party.”  

Laura K. 10/6/15