2nd Annual Skill Share: January 2018


The information at the table for natural household and personal care products was just what I need.  I’m expecting a baby, so I’m very mindful of what I put on my body. —Elisa

I learned about hybrid seeds.  They don’t always grow into the same hybrid plant they came from.  Sometimes they can grow into the different plants that the hybrid was made from. —Diane

I learned about how marbled paper is made and also the A-B-Cs of bike mainentance:  Air, Brakes, Chain. —Madeline

At the frugality talk, she said keeping track of your spending is not about being cheap.  It’s about being honest with yourself and making sure you spend your money on what you really want.  I also went to the Fostering a Love of Reading table.  I have two very young grandchildren who already love to read, but I was curious to learn more strategies. —Emily  

Dale gave some good tips on paring down, like how to part with things that have sentimental value.   —Anna 

I learned the proper way to make a dog vomit if she has eaten something toxic – and that I shouldn’t do that if the thing she ate was caustic.  Also, I didn’t realize how much dogs like marijuana which is poisonous for them. —Dawn

I learned not to use WD-40 on my bike chain.  I made my first greeting card.  And I learned that the problem my monkey is having could be psychological or from an old injury.  —Paphil

If I want to save seeds from cucumbers and tomatoes, I found out that I have to break down the mucous membranes around the seeds first.  I stopped at the Mending Knits table, and I may ask her to help me repair my gloves through the timebank.  —Wendy

I was interested in the book one of the speakers talked about: Your Money or Your Life.  I already read How to Retire Happy.  It’s important to think about these things.  —Sue 

I found out how to recycle and save materials by using part of an old sock to patch another sock.     —Mei Mei 

I saw some homemade books at the Bookbinding table, and I would like to learn more about how to do that.  —Olivia

We already do home exchanges when traveling, but I was glad to learn about the other options – like Servas --  that Emily told us about in her talk.  —Jonathan 

I went to the talk on frugality where she shared tips, some of which I already do, like keeping track of every bit of money I spend.  I asked about a repair at the knitting table.  I have a nice sweater I want to give away, but it has a small hole on the front.  I hoped I could take wool from another part of the sweater and use it to patch the hole, but that wouldn’t work in this case.  —Kathie

The host traveling handout will be extremely useful.  I also learned that I can make my own detergent and deodorant.  It doesn’t seem so complicated, and it’s cheaper and healthier.  I also talked to Jessica who was demonstrating power tools.  She will help with some of my home repairs through the timebank.  When I learn how to use the tools, maybe I will invest in some of them myself.  —Oswaldo

I found out about the timebank today, and it really is a good idea.  Everyone has something to offer.  Today I went to the bike talk, and my wife attended the seed saving talk.  My daughter has rescued a few injured squirrels, so she was interested in the animal first aid presentation.  —Robert

Thank you to the Silver Spring Civic Building for offering us wonderful space to hold our second Skill Share!