Office, Art and School Supply Swap: August 2017


I'm getting a lot of art supplies for my four-year-old daughter -- so much
that she may need to become an artist. -Olga

A person we serve at SEEC sews by hand. I just found a handheld sewing
machine here, and she may like to try it. -Kathy

This is just the sort of thing our community needs. -Edgar

I got some paints for a class I'm teaching. -Heather

I am so happy to find something as simple as a ream of paper. It was on
my list to go to Staples for paper, so I have saved myself a trip. -Suzy

I got special paper for making tattoos to share with my nieces who love
them. I also got stickers of Frida Kahlo quotes for a friend who loves her.

I found a few things for making posters and banners by hand -- a hobby of
mine. I work in the school system and with homeschool kids, and this is
something nice for them. -Latoya

I'm taking more than I brought, and I wanted it to go the other way
around. -Songbae

I've never used watercolors from tubes before. I'm so excited to find them
here and try them. -Christy

This is like being in a candy store. An Art Supply candy store. I wish
my girls were here! -Yasmine

i'm here with my mom, helping her get stuff that she needs for her job.

I'm from the Create Arts Center, and I'm so excited. I'm finding scissors,
pencils, and a whole assortment of art supplies. -Lauren

All I can say is, this is amazing! I'm getting index cards and notebooks
and dividers -- and other things. I'm... amazed by this. -Wendy

I'm finding pens, pencils, and pretty much everything else I need. -Keisy

I found some miniature vegetables in the craft section that I like a lot.
i'm teaching a woman English, and these will help her learn
vocabulary. -Tanya

I found cardstock, pretty paper, markers, and a huge backpack. I don't
have big plans for them... yet. -Julia

I'm an amateur watercolor artist. I've been looking for an easel I can lie
flat for watercolors and stand up for other things. This one is perfect!

I'm getting datebooks and folders and glue sticks, and I donated all my
glass-painting materials. So I brought a lot, and I'm taking some other
things back. -Diane

Thank you to Third Space Wellness for hosting the swap.  All remaining items were donated to Silver Spring Creative Reuse.