Skills Share: January 2017


  • I liked the talk on learning how to calm myself. I’m trying to become a cooking school instructor, and I need to be calm to present in front of students. – Mya
  • I got to hang out with the lady who helps with Spanish pronunciation, and I learned so much. – Kathy
  • I got a good tip from the talk on non-profit funding: First thing, always find out from the corporation who’s in charge of development. –A.
  • I’m glad this event is happening. I’m not in the timebank yet. But I will retire soon and may have time to help. – Jim
  • Jay helped me get online. And he taught me that sometimes I have to turn everything off and on again. –Anne
  • One woman showed you how to de-stress by crossing your legs and changing the energy. This will help me deal with anxiety. – Joanie
  • I just joined the timebank because I’m hoping they have a babysitting co-op. I liked talking to the guy about school lunches for kids, and we talked about doing different things for adults, too. – Eva
  • The yoga, that was terrific. She had a volunteer lying on the floor to help with her back. It’s all about relaxation. I definitely want to get in touch with her. – Ann
  • I found the presentations on sewing and mending and how to fix appliances very useful. I liked the power tools, too, because I’m interested in practical things. – MeiMei
  • The self-defense area was unexpected. I knew about classes in it, but they never worked with my schedule. But I can arrange lessons one-on-one this way, with the timebank. – Elaine
  • I liked the social media person and how giving she was ofher expertise. – Joy
  • I liked the parrot! – Joshua (age 10)
  • David’s talk on resumés was very interesting. He told us what to highlight and where to put things on the page. And he said the key is that you write a resumé not to show everything you’ve done but to get an interview. I never thought of it that way. –Marjie