Kitchen Swap: April 2017


  • When you have an icemaker, you don’t tend to hold onto ice cube trays. But I found a great one here with smaller compartments which will be good for freezing herbs and herbal concentrates. –David
  • I was thrilled to find this asparagus cooker! My girlfriend has one, and she swears by it. –Robin
  • I came here hoping to find a few things, and I found most of what I wanted: a pressure cooker, a trivet, a wine opener. –Mary
  • I’m always on the lookout for good reusable water bottles, and I found a set today. I fill them with tap water and keep them in the fridge so the kids will always have cold water available. –Karen
  • My toaster just broke. It’s fortuitous that I found a toaster here today to replace it. –Marjie
  • I found these adorable turquoise cactus-shaped salt and pepper shakers that I’m going to send to my son and daughter-in-law in Austin. –Naomi
  • I made out like a bandit! I got this opener, some ice tongs, and a swiffer. And I took back the sushi wrapper I brought because I might use it after all. –Eugenia
  • I couldn’t believe my eyes! I found Revereware and grabbed it. It’s amazing to find it here. Some of mine is older, and now I can switch it out. –Wendy
  • Some old housemates moved out, and they took some kitchen things with them that I was able to replace today. But my real find is this book on growing and cooking vegetables. One of those who moved out was in charge of the garden, and this will help the rest of us bring it back. –Rebecca
  • We live in such an African area, and I don’t know the first thing about African cooking. So I’m glad I found this cookbook. –Rita
  • I’m excited because I found a set of plates in the shade of blue that I’m currently obsessed with. –Christy
  • I got a pan with a cover that will be good for frying my gallo pinto – rice and beans. –Oswaldo
  • I picked up some useful odds and ends for the kitchen that I wouldn’t bother going out to buy. My son Xavier is shopping for shiny things. –Beth
  • I got a few things here, but I’m even more excited about all the stuff I brought today – and got out of my kitchen! –Dana
  • We found these coasters that make us happy. –Nancy
  • In our various moves, we lost track of our cheese slicer. I found one here, and I’m so very happy. Sometimes, you just want to slice some cheese, for cheese melts on sandwiches and other things. –Andrei
  • I live by myself, but somebody – I don’t know if it’s a ghost or what – keeps stealing my spoons! I can’t find them. I don’t know where they go. Now I have some spoons to bring home. –Saunya

The SSTB was happy to donate any remaining swap items to A Wider Circle.