Card Swap & Crafting: May 2016


  • "When I got home and started integrating my finds into my stash, I wrote four cards--two thank you notes, an anniversary card, and a birthday card for my sister. What fun!"
  • "I think people just enjoyed taking a break from walking around, sitting down and creating something to take with them. Suspect a lot of people enjoyed selecting cards, too!  It is kind of crazy how much greeting cards cost these days --- 1.99, 2.99. OUCH! The swap fits right in with our sharing economy!"
  • One little girl made a birthday card for her dog that had a giraffe. When asked why she included the giraffe, she said “Oh my dog likes giraffes!”
  • Another little girl made a Mother’s Day card for her Mom that included a cow, and she declared, “I’m making a Mother's day card and the cow is because my Mom likes cows.”
  • "People were surprised when we invited them to help themselves to cards and giftwrap. For Free?? Yep! We said some folks donated cards they no longer needed, so you're free to pick out as many as you'd like. Wow!! They were pleased and several said 'What a great idea!’"  

The SSTB was happy to donate any remaining greeting cards and wrapping paper to the Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) to share with senior residents.