Holiday Swap: October 2017


  • I’m a glass artist. I found this jeweled ribbon, and I’m going to cut it up and make a pattern. Then I’ll take a photo of that and use it to make a screen so I can screen print it onto glass. -Sherry
  • I have a place for this -- these blinking Christmas lights – over the door going into the living room. And my wife has me holding this holiday tray for her. -Ray
  • I got two sets of red glass bird ornaments. I love birds. I also got this ribbon. I do baskets for family, and I like to change the ribbon out. -Wendy
  • I teach art to kids and always need multiples of stuff. So I was glad to find several packages of these glitter pom-poms. -Bertie
  • We got lights and wrapping paper and stickers, and a lion mask – and look at this Alice in Wonderland costume! -Karl
  • This Christmas sweater! -Ellie
  • Look at this. I can’t decide if this is hideous or cute. I like it. -Kathy
  • I major in Christmas, and I minor in Easter. So I just can’t start in on Halloween. I have to put this ghost back. -Wendy
  • I found these pink flamingo Christmas ornaments. I’m a Floridian, so it feels like home. -Karen
  • I got this tiny pair of Valentine’s underwear. I’ll put a magnet on it and put it on the fridge. -Tanya

Thank you to The Nora School for hosting the swap. All leftover items went to the National Children's Center.