2016 Exchange Stories

My dog's tether kept getting caught between the boards on the edge of our deck.  So frustrating!  I saw that timebank member Jonathan C. offered home repair, and we exchanged emails about possible solutions.  I bought some wooden slats and screws, and he brought his tools.  He quickly cut the slats to size and attached them to the edge of the deck to cover the gaps between the boards.  Problem solved!  

Laura K. 4/13/2016

Years ago Tina found these Japanese zabuton floor cushions in her parents' storage unit. She bought beautiful fabrics 4-5 years ago to fix them up, but the cushions remained in her attic. Tina recently connected with Cynthia, a new SSTB member who had mentioned sewing in her profile bio. Cynthia said YES to Tina's request for help to repair the cushions, and it was no small task to sew seven new covers. Now these gorgeous zabutons are ready for a party! And Cynthia has a nice chunk of hours to use for a service she's been hoping to receive.