Joining the Timebank

Becoming a member is easy!

  1. Fill out the basic application form at hOurworld. You’ll be asked to accept the hOurworld Terms of Service and the Silver Spring Timebank’s Membership Agreement. 
  2. Then attend a new member orientation to meet other timebank members and learn how to use the hOurworld software. That’s it…you’re an active member! 
  3. Set up your member profile, post any offers and requests and start exchanging.

New Member Supports

We hope you’ll jump right in and start exchanging as soon as you join the SSTB. It’s good to start by setting up your profile and posting some offers or requests. Or you can just take some time to look through the list of offers and requests to see if there are any you need or can provide.  

Within a month, you will be contacted by a membership team representative to see if you have any questions about using the software. This is a terrific opportunity to get some inspiration and direction for posting possible offers and requests, if needed. If you need to talk to someone before this call, feel free to contact us at There is also the HELP tab on the hOurworld webpage that you can use.  

Secrets to Successful Exchanging

  • Keep your account up-to-date and accurate in terms of contact information, services you can provide and active/inactive status
  • Respond to a request within 48 hours
  • Be proactive: when making a request, also check for similar offers
  • Negotiate BEFORE exchanges are made
  • Record the service if you’ve provided the service
  • Offer constructive feedback on exchanges
  • Actively give and receive
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Appreciate another’s best efforts as neighbors helping neighbors
  • In an emergency, dial 911
  • Be social and get to know other members
  • Have fun and share your experiences
  • Join one of the leadership teams to help grow the SSTB and earn hours too!